Things to do in Spain

Rich in landscape, language, and culture, Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. There’s so much to do here that it’s impossible to find yourself lacking in new adventures and experiences. From eating tapas and sipping Vino Tinto in a seafront café bar to exploring historic cathedrals and medieval castles, there’s plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. Here are some of the best things to do in Spain.

Eat tapas

Tapas, the small morsels of food you can eat all day long, are a quintessential part of Spanish culture. They’re a social tradition of Spanish people, with their serving designed to encourage conversation since people aren’t so focused on eating an entire meal. So, whilst in Spain, head to a bar and enjoy some famous tapas dishes such as calamari, mussels, and patatas bravas. Whilst tapas was once free with a drink in many bars, this is now rarely the case, except for in Granada and a few other cities.

See Gaudí’s architecture

A visit to Spain wouldn’t be complete without seeing the architecture of Antoní Gaudí'.  World-renowned, Gaudi’s work is admired by architects around the world due to its unique and distinctive architectural style. His most prominent buildings can be seen in Barcelona and include sites such as the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, and Casa Batlló.

Go to a Flamenco show

Flamenco is a traditional form of folk music that’s still alive and kicking in Spain today. Originating in Andalusia, it has become one of the icons of Spanish culture, incorporating singing, dancing, and music to dramatic effect. So, a visit to Spain really wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a Flamenco show. The best ones can be found in Madrid or Seville.

Head to a market

Thanks to a warm, dry climate and a lengthy history of trade, Spain has some of the biggest and best markets in the world. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous is Els Encants Vells in Barcelona. The city’s oldest flea market, it dates all the way back to the 14th century. With more than 500 stalls that sell everything from vintage Spanish clothes, to furniture, books, and electronics, you can expect to find everything you want need here. Other renowned Spanish markets worth visiting include Mercat Central in Valencia and the Alcaiceria flea market in Granada.

Hit the beach

Let’s face it, a visit to Spain wouldn’t be complete without hitting the beach. With over 5,000 miles of magnificent coastline, the country is blessed with a multitude of stunning beaches. From the splendid dunes of Tarfia to the popular beach clubs of Ibiza, there’s a beach for everyone in Spain. Clean and safe, they’re ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and watersports.

Beautiful and diverse with fantastic weather, is no surprise that Spain is such a popular destination for tourists. Add Spain to your bucket list and experience some of the best food, wine, culture, and entertainment in the world.