Spanish Style Sleeping Nest

Sleeping nests are becoming increasingly popular, with many people preferring them to traditional Moses baskets as a portable sleeping space for a baby’s daytime naps.

At Ava’s Wardrobe, we’ve added a range of gorgeous Spanish style sleeping nests to our collection. Knitted to a high standard and featuring a front zipper fastening and satin bow, our sleeping nests combine style and function brilliantly.

Available in white, blue, and pink pastel shades, they are incredibly soft and comfortable, providing the perfect spot for your baby to snooze during the day. As well as being cosy and snug, our sleep nests can create a feeling of safety and familiarity for your baby, helping them relax and get the rest they need at this important developmental stage.

Experts recommend that sleeping nests are suitable for newborns to approximately one year old. Browse our range of Spanish style sleeping nests today.

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1 product