Traditional Spanish Style Shawls

A shawl has always been an essential accessory for babies.

Often gifted to them upon their arrival into the world and frequently used to cover them during their christening ceremony or blessing, they’re a versatile accessory for newborns. A soft and cosy shawl can help your little one to feel warm, snug, and protected during their first days and weeks in their new surroundings.

At Ava’s Wardrobe, we sell a fantastic range of traditional Spanish style shawls. Available in cream, white, and lemon with pretty coloured ribbon trims, they are incredibly beautiful.

Our shawls make ideal gifts or would serve as a wonderful addition to your little one’s christening attire. We’ve handpicked the most beautiful Spanish style shawls for our collection and we’re constantly adding new products that we know our customers will love.

Browse our fantastic range of baby shawls today.

22 products

22 products