Who is Ava?

Ava is our youngest Grandchild out of a total of six and she is our only granddaughter, so as I am sure you can imagine we tend to spoil her a little.  During Ava’s Early years we had the pleasure of looking after her while Mummy (our daughter Claire who makes up our team of three) and Daddy went out to work. As you can see, we did a fantastic job. 

Bad Nana taking photos before going to the rescue!!

We had fun days in the garden, spent lots of time doing crafts, painting, sticking and drawing, among Ava’s favorite pastimes was playing with dolls.  It didn’t matter what the doll (or teddy) looked like, if it had lots of clothes to change into Ava was at her happiest. 

Once Ava started school unfortunately, we had less time with her, but she absolutely thrived, soaking up all the new knowledge like a little sponge.  Ava is a popular member of her class and has made lots of friends, but then.....who couldn’t love her? 

Ava is bright and articulate but is also a very girly little girl and loves dressing in beautiful clothes, having pamper days with her mum and always looks pristine.  It’s always very difficult when Ava comes to the store because she takes me around the clothes and tells me what she wants, the problem is I just can't say no to her (and she knows this).  Having said that she earns her keep, she loves to help when she isn’t in school and is disappointed when it isn't possible. 

As Ava has grown so has her love of animal’s she is gentle, kind and loves all things furry.

During Lockdown Ava has developed a love of Tik Tok, but being the shy girl that she is, she hides herself away from everyone to practice her moves.  I’m not too sure if we are going to have a dancing diva given time, we will have to wait and see.

She is an absolute sweetheart and as I am sure you have gathered by now, the inspiration for the name of our store and online boutique.