Discover the Autumn/Winter collection at Ava's Wardrobe

It didn't take long for the seasons to change - 2021 has flown by so quickly! But alongside all of the changes in weather, colours in the trees and sunsets, it's that time of year where changes in fashion start to make their way into everybody's wardrobe, especially when it comes to your little ones...

From colours and patterns, to entirely different choices in styles, keeping up with the latest trends can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. But we've got you covered. We always keep ourselves ahead of the curve, so you don't have to worry!

So, are you ready to find out what new trends we've got in store for you and your children this Autumn/Winter season? Let's take a look...

Warmer colours

When it gets to this time of year, it's all about creating a sense of warmth and brightness through those cold, dark days. Swapping out the cooler colour palette of summer for something with a little more depth is one of the best ways to build that contrasting look that's sure to stand out and put a smile on anyone's face, and our latest seasonal collection does just that.

From deep, vivid reds and greens that are synonymous with the Winter season, through a range of warmer pastel hues all the way to more neutral seasonal browns and creams. Our Autumn/Winter collection is built around an eye-catching colour palette that gives that instant sense of timeless style for your little ones.

Longer sleeves

It's undeniable that long sleeves are an irreplaceable part of Autumn and Winter fashion for everyone, especially when it comes to your children. That's especially true with our Autumn/Winter children's clothing collection for 2021/22.

We've put together our most recent children's fashion collection to give your little ones the latest style trends whilst keeping the cold weather at bay - fashionable and functional! For both boys and girls, our long-sleeved Autumn/Winter outfits incorporate those beautiful, warm seasonal colours we mentioned above to create a stylish look that we're sure you and your children will love.

Seasonal patterns, prints and designs

It's not just about the colours in our latest collection. Not at all! Sure, they still play a major part in all of our designs, but there's nothing quite like a beautiful print to make those colours and outfits really pop. Plus, we know your little ones will love them and be captivated by their distinctive appearance!

Our prints, patterns and designs for the Ava's Wardrobe 2021 Autumn/Winter collection include everything from subtle dots and distinctive seasonal floral and lace designs, through to classic and elegant waffle material and more. But one major trend that's unmissable in children's fashion this year is the use of checked patterns...

A huge part of our collection incorporates beautiful checking to create a unique contrast between the different elements of the outfits. For girls, we've got a large selection of distinctive checked dresses in gorgeous seasonal colours ranging from full check and tartan across the entire piece, to stunning half-check outfits that are sure to look fantastic on your little one. For boys, we've opted to go for maximum cuteness and style with a range of outfits that feature unique checked shorts and jam pants.

Want to see the beautiful styles we've got just waiting for your children? Take a look at our Autumn/Winter collection today.