Children’s Outfits must have Colours this 2021 Spring / Summer

For the 2021 spring and summer season it’s all about stand out colour palettes!

As seasons change so do children’s outfits colour trends, and no one can blame you if you struggle to keep up. Fortunately for you, we’re one step ahead and happy to share our insight. We’re really excited about the colours on offer this year and can’t wait to see your children looking amazing in them!

The overall recommendation is for fashionable colours such as pastel shades in combination with bright and popping hues as well as natural tones including green and earthy hues are all in trend for spring / summer 2021. After the past year no one can blame the industry for bringing bright and vibrant colours to the world, and who better to model such colours than our little bundles of joy.

But what are the exact colours?








There has also been a massive focus on genderless colours as fashion designers look to incorporate more unisex and diversity into the market. During the Spring / Summer 2021 season the colours that will be the most popular are expected to be melon, blue, soap nut, pink, and peach soufflé.

So there you have it, these are the must have colours you’ll want to see your children in this spring and summer!

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